Allegations of anti-competitive behaviour in the supply of school uniforms

An investigation into allegations of anti-competitive behaviour in the supply of school uniforms should be finalised within the next few months.

The Competition Commission launched the investigation after parents and competing businesses complained about some suppliers having a monopoly on the supply of certain schools’ uniforms.


In its research, the commission found that some exclusive deals date back to the 1970s. 


“In January, when we launched the investigation, when we realised that we were receiving a lot of complaints, we then launched a survey which was going to run parallel with the investigation but also helps assist the investigation,” said Sipho Ngwema from the Competition Commission.


“In order for us to understand how extensive the problem was. Then we realised that with the results of the survey the problem is widespread, but largely concentrated on former model C schools and private schools. There were many public schools that were involved in this anti-competitive contact.”


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