Auditor-general candidate grilled over Facebook profile

Members of Parliament took a candidate for auditor-general position to task over his Facebook profile

Avhashoni Ramikosi, a chartered accountant employed by the SA Revenue Service was surprised when MPs interviewing him on Wednesday questioned him about his strong political views, and postings which they deemed inappropriate, according to The Sunday Times.

Postings included one of young girls with their breasts exposed and prices super-imposed on their bodies while they proclaim “our bodies are for sale” in Tsonga.

Ramikosi also mocked Agang SA and asked whether the party was just another “wasted space like Congress of the People”.

John Steenhuisen of the Democratic Alliance pointed out to Ramikosi that the postings could compromise his political independence should he be appointed auditor-general.

“It is inappropriate. If you are applying for a job like that of auditor-general, you have to be above reproach and squeaky clean because any inference that you are not could impact on the credibility of a supreme body of a country,” Steenhuisen said.

Ramikosi said the pictures landed on his wall after he was tagged by a friend.

“It is a lesson that one can never be too careful. It’s been an enlightening experience for me. What I do know is that my ethics and integrity are not questionable at all.”


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