Invest SA One Stop Shops aimed at cutting down on red tape

Three provincial InvestSA One Stop Shops will be opened in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Western Cape in 2017, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday at the launch of the initiative.

Other provinces will open their own one stop shops over three years.

The initiative is part of the government’s drive to improve the business environment by lowering the cost of doing business as well as making the process easier. The InvestSA One Stop Shops will be the focal point of contact with the government with regards to regulatory matters, registration, permits and licensing, thereby reducing red tape.

“Our government has taken a firm decision to make SA more investor friendly,” Zuma said. “Businesspeople have outlined the difficulties and hassles they face when wanting to establish new businesses, both local and foreign investors. The bureaucratic red tape has been stifling the growth of business.

“Businesspeople have had to visit many departments to obtain various licences. They have had to go to different offices for water, electricity and immigration services such as visas. We realised that we will not make headway with regards to investments unless we do something to make it easier to do business.

“We have directed officials to keep the service simple and short. An investor will make an appointment, meet a government representative to explain the services required and be guided by the representative. The One Stop Shop will provide a more co-ordinated, streamlined and professional service to those who wish to set up a business.

“Key departments such as Home Affairs, Labour, Environmental Affairs, Trade and Industry and agencies such as the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, South African Revenue Service and Eskom, amongst others, will be available at the One Stop Shop.”

Zuma said the Home Affairs Department was also working with the Department of Trade and Industry to ensure that businesspeople and investors benefited from an accelerated, purpose-orientated visa and permit application process.


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