MEC Creecy reaches out to township businesses

The Gauteng Government had allocated 30% of its budget to the province’s economic development, Gauteng MEC for Finance Barbara Creecy said during an economic development workshop in Johannesburg on Monday November 9. 
MEC Creecy said of this, 26% would be channeled towards the development of township economies.

The workshop was attended by hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs from various townships in and around Johannesburg.

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Plans for three new cities in Gauteng

 The Gauteng government has ambitious plans to build three new cities.

Premier David Makhura would not reveal their exact locations but he has given some indication that the West Rand and Sedibeng, in the Vaal, could possibly soon be home to South Africa’s first post-apartheid cities.

Makhura said the two areas were “troubling” his administration. But he was loath to reveal where the new cities would be built for fear the sites would be swarmed by developers only for them to demand excessive buyout prices later. Continue reading

‘People shall rule on e-tolls’

 Gauteng Premier David Makhura stood his ground yesterday and sent a clear message to Transport Minister Dipuo Peters about the fate of e-tolling.

Makhura said the people of Gauteng were his priority and they would “take seriously” the findings of the panel he has appointed to assess the effects of e-tolls on the province.

Peters said this week that the national government would not scrap the system – irrespective of the findings of Makhura’s panel. Continue reading

Taxpayers can sit in on tender awards

The Gauteng government has vowed to make the awarding of tenders more transparent.

Gauteng residents will now be able to sit in on every stage of the tender-awarding process – including the bid adjudication.

They will be privy to details of the bidders, their bids and the amounts involved, and the basis on which the adjudication committee awards the tender.
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Public servants must serve public says Cyril Ramaphosa

 South Africa wanted public servants who would truly serve the needs of its people, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday.

“We need a public service… that is going to conserve our resources. We need public servants who are not going to steal our money. We need public servants who aren’t corrupt,” Ramaphosa said.

“We need public servants who are going to serve the public… Our Constitution requires that all people in South Africa be served by a professional public administration that works fairly, equitably and without bias.” Continue reading